Answers to Recent Questions

Parkview Legacy Foundation is new, so people often ask the questions below. As we grapple with three crises at once—one health (COVID-19), one economic (4.5 million jobs lost and a looming recession of indeterminate length), and one both systemic and structural (racial inequities illuminated by both continued violence against Black people and the disproportionate effect our current crisis is having on Black and LatinX people), new questions have emerged regarding our current and future response. We address those below as well. Please reach out to use with any additional questions you may have.

Q:           What is Parkview Legacy Foundation?

A:           Parkview Legacy Foundation is a 5013c dedicated to benefiting its communities in four distinct areas: housing stability, social mobility, whole health accessibility, and integrated solutions.

Q:           When was Parkview Legacy Foundation formed?

A:           July 2019

Q:           How is Parkview Legacy Foundation funded?

A:           Parkview Legacy Foundation was initially funded by the sale of Parkview Community Medical Center, a non-profit hospital, to AHMC, a for profit hospital group. With the sale, the state of California required that the proceeds of the non-profit hospital be used for the benefit of the community through the creation of a non-profit public charity or private foundation. Parkview Legacy Foundation is the result of that transaction. With the funds endowed to the organization, we are honored to invest back into the local community with a broad scope of ensuring the equitable probability of wellness through social determinants of health.

Q:           Who does Parkview Legacy Foundation benefit?

A:           Parkview Legacy Foundation benefits its local community through partnerships with civic and educational institutions and non-profit organizations in four distinct areas: housing stability, social mobility, whole health accessibility, and integrated solutions.

Q:           What is Parkview Legacy Foundation doing in support of those impacted by COVID-19?        

A:           Parkview Legacy Foundation has a dedicated COVID-19 committee made up of board members who determine needs and opportunities to provide support throughout our local communities impacted. 

Q:           What is Parkview Legacy Foundation’s mission for Black and LatinX communities?

A:           Parkview Legacy Foundation and our partners have supported its local and minority communities from the outset including; Black, LatinX, Women, LGBTQ, among others. We have a dedicated Grants committee providing additional layers to our ongoing work that ensures that we stand in solidarity with, and empower, the back community and other communities of color within the context of our ongoing and current crisis-related work

Q:           What is Parkview Legacy Foundation doing to support those specific communities?

A:           Parkview Legacy Foundation is acting in a variety of ways, including;

  • Listening, exploring and acting in the interest of the mental/emotional health and socialization needs of children, and providing a platform for organizations that focus on black youth in order to better understand how to support them and how we can help foster healing moving forward.
  • Emphasizing organizations that serve communities of color and/or led by people of color in the selection process for beneficiaries of fundraising efforts and future grant making.
  • Reaching out to organizations who are led by persons of color and/or serve communities of color to offer free strategic planning services to organizations who are needing to pivot their services and or develop a new approach to respond to current needs.
  • Exploring options for future impact investments that will specifically stabilize and empower communities of color in our region. 
  • Providing board members and staff with training on implicit bias.

Q:           Did Parkview Legacy Foundation need to amend its purpose in light of recent events?

A:           No, our mission has always been to serve all and focused on socio-economic and racial equity.

Q:           When will the community at large start to see these actions in place?

A:           Our actions are ongoing. The dedicated non-profit organizations and initiatives who are the primary beneficiaries of our purpose are beginning to see the impact and benefits of our work now.

Q:           How do we partner with Parkview Legacy Foundation?

A:           Parkview Legacy Foundation enjoys partnering with local, regional, and national organizations to support and further work in line with our mission and service areas.  Those interested in entering into a strategic partnership please contact us at 1-833-943-0003 or submit inquiries to Additional details about Parkview Legacy Foundation’s areas of focus and current projects can be found at