Our Methodology

We believe:

  • Every person is infinitely important and valuable to their community.
  • Integrated partnerships are necessary to bring about systems level change.
  • Humility and creativity are required to seize the opportunities before us.
  • We are better together: diversity is necessary, equity is essential.
  • Our resources and relationships are intended to be ambitiously stewarded toward the betterment of our world.

So, we:

  • We promote the importance of every person and their value to the community.
  • We advance integrated partnerships to affect systems level change.
  • We enter every opportunity with humility and creativity.
  • We champion diversity in pursuit of equity.
  • We inspire trust through ambitious stewardship of relationships and resources.

Our work involves:

Creative Thinking and Doing

We use creative solutions to move the needle in our areas of focus.

We’re not about rhetorical debate – we have deep, curious, respectful conversations with others on topics that matter.  But, we don’t just want to listen and talk, we want to make things happen.

Is there a topic in our wheelhouse that you’d like to explore? Let’s talk.

Collective Impact

Collective Impact

We seek to connect the dots between people, projects, and places. Moving toward integrated and strategic efforts, we address problems and seize opportunities.

We’re not about siloed efforts focused only on individual situations – we want to find out how our goals are related and how, when put together in just the right way, each effort can complement and strengthen the other. These collaborative efforts can affect systems level change. Are you involved in a network, project, organization, or initiative that you think could be linked to others for greater collective impact?

Do need support for your project? Let’s talk.


We support the work of our community partners by joining together for training, advocacy and education efforts. We help with fundraising, grant work, and gift making.

We don’t duplicate effort or compete for space, we want to help those already doing good work in our area.

Is your work in one of our focus areas? Let’s talk.

Grant Making and Partnerships

Temporary Grants and Gifts Policy

Parkview Legacy Foundation is currently in a ramp up phase for the organization which we anticipate will last until 2025, as matters pertaining to the hospital sale are being satisfied. Parkview Legacy Foundation is currently not accepting solicitations for grants, or gifts of funds, and will not be doing so until it concludes this phase.  

The July 1, 2019 sale of Parkview Community Hospital initiated the conversion of Parkview Community Hospital Foundation from a Supporting Foundation to a Public Charity (501c3) named Parkview Legacy Foundation with the mission to advance the equitable probability of wellness through social determinants of health. Subsequently, Housing Stability, Social Mobility, Whole Health Accessibility, and Integrated Solutions have been identified as areas of significant need within the region and will be areas of focus for Parkview Legacy Foundation for the foreseeable future. 

Once fully established, Parkview Legacy Foundation will further its mission through grant-making to other nonprofit organizations, and/or grant-making to government sponsored programs and/or through the provision of direct programs.*

The sale of Parkview Community Hospital set in motion a process by which funds belonging to the hospital at the time of sale were placed into a holding company to be invested, monitored, and used to satisfy all existing liabilities for the hospital. To date, no hospital funds have been transferred to Parkview Legacy Foundation. 

In the meantime, thanks to a generous multi-year gift from AHMC Healthcare, Inc., Parkview Legacy Foundation maintains operating funds to provide for the full establishment of the organization throughout the ramp up phase and assist in ensuring a sustainable future as well as the immediate furtherment of its mission.

Parkview Legacy Foundation is developing its infrastructure and partnering with local, regional, and national organizations to support and further work in line with its mission and service area.  This work is currently taking the form of community organizing and fundraising to support that work through a partnership model.  

This partnership model currently involves the following activities:

  • Forming Strategic Partnership with individuals, companies, organizations, institutions, and public entities across the philanthropic, non-profit, business, education, healthcare, and government sectors to advance its mission in Parkview Legacy Foundation’s areas of focus throughout its service area. 
  • Collaborating with strategic partners to pursue grants and other forms of support from regional and national funders and advocate for the well-being of the region’s citizens.
  • Driving forward studies, planning, and projects that facilitate systemic change. 
  • Fundraising for programs and projects that further the Parkview Legacy Foundation mission.
  • Sponsoring events held by strategic partners intended to fund programs and projects in Parkview Legacy Foundation’s areas of focus.

Those interested in entering into a strategic partnership with Parkview Legacy Foundation should contact staff at 1-833-943-0003 or submit inquiries to damien@parkviewlegacy.org

Details about Parkview Legacy Foundation’s areas of focus and current projects can be found at parkviewlegacy.org