Social Mobility

There is an American ideal that all those who are willing to work for it should be afforded the opportunity to build a whole and healthy life for themselves and their families better than the generations that came before them.

Unfortunately, the trend throughout many regions of the United States and in our local community reveals that current and future generations will find themselves worse off, less stable, more vulnerable, and with lower levels of income and wealth than their parents.  Our region’s residents simply cannot create whole and healthy lives with fewer opportunities to socially advance, especially those stuck in cycles of generational poverty and systemic discrimination. Interrupting this trend and creating a region in which our best ideals can be realized involves personal empowerment and real opportunities.  Every person should have access to good educational environments and careers that provide for more than mere survival. To do this, we must address the factors contributing to the negative trends; public policy at the local, regional, state, and federal levels as well as the interpersonal connection between people of differing socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

The Parkview Legacy Foundation is committed to partnering with others from every sector to create a region in which every child has what they need to successfully complete their education and achieve life empowering career paths with more whole and healthy lives than any previous generation.