Integrated Solutions

The obstacles affecting our community’s well-being are complex. They involve a multitude of interrelated systems of dysfunction; wealth inequality, an escalating housing crisis, the mental health crisis, unprecedented isolation, and inequitable educational attainment throughout communities and ethnic groups. Piecemealed, siloed, and competitive efforts remain the primary mode of operation throughout our community to create solutions. As a result, we are losing ground and failing to scale our solutions to address the need.

Addressing the root of the problems and meeting the most pressing needs requires collaboration, but more importantly, it requires that we move toward integrated solutions at both the conceptual and actionable level.

We are committed to start a movement in our community.  Each social determinant of health must be addressed across all sectors: healthcare, education, transportation, community development, law enforcement, business. We will integrate parallel and lateral thinking into our problem solving, To this end, our differences are an asset. Rhetorical debate will be replaced by listening and curious exploration in a spirit of togetherness.