Our Motivation

Every person is infinitely important and valuable to their community.

We have so much to learn from one another. We are interconnected, better together, and have more in common with one another than we have in conflict. Doing what’s best for all of us will benefit all of us.

Integrated partnerships are necessary to bring about systems level change.

Bringing about permanent systems level solutions to the challenges we face requires the integration of work across all sectors of our community. Each person and organization holds their own specific set of skills, expertise, knowledge, and the connections that can contribute to and be leveraged to create solutions that go further than they could alone.

We find networks of people, institutions, and organizations who are working toward solutions and see how we can think creatively together to accelerate their progress and we collaborate with diverse partners across sectors to create game-changing solutions to our community’s most debilitating problems.

Humility and creativity are required to seize the opportunities before us.

Not one of us has the whole answer to all of our questions, but all of us have a part of the answer. By refusing to give up on advancing the well being of every person in our community, we will discover the way forward together. The most powerful question we can ask is why and so
we relentlessly seek to learn from others throughout the community and find truth together.

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”

Edward de Bono

We are better together: diversity is necessary, equity is essential

There is no logic to the belief that any one person or any one group of people has a complete or fully accurate understanding of human existence or all of the answers to the challenges we face as a community.
Nor is there any logic in assuming that the suffering of any group of people in a community will not, in some way, have a negative effect upon others outside of that group.

It is imperative that we include and respect everyone in our efforts and discussions if we wish to create a community that works for everyone.
We are creating a world where every person has an opportunity for a whole and healthy life. So we will make sure that everyone has what they need to do that. Our work and our words are intended to provoke a response.

Our resources and relationships are intended to be ambitiously stewarded toward the betterment of our world.

It is our goal that each person, organization, and institution in our community has a “seat at the table” and equitable opportunities for whole and healthy lives.  When everyone does well, we all do well.

Parkview Legacy Foundation takes the responsibility of faithfully caring for and managing these assets seriously; we hold ourselves accountable and we welcome others to do the same.