Housing Stability

When someone’s basic needs for housing and nutrition are not met, the chances of making moves toward whole health are slim. Additionally, there are direct correlations between one’s health/well being and one’s housing stability. Unfortunately, the Riverside region is being hard hit by the state’s housing crisis. The result is higher rents, unstable households that are unable to consistently provide for their own basic needs, and rising occurrences of homeless situations.

Our neighborhoods, businesses, schools, health systems, public, and safety resources are all being negatively affected by this trend. Even with the current growing economy, more and more of our region’s people are seeing declines in their health, well being, and opportunities for a better future. Though many successful efforts are in place that are making progress in our region toward ending individual homeless situations and providing support to struggling households, these emergency and relief efforts cannot keep up with the pace of the growing problem. This systemic problem needs to be addressed now.

The Parkview Legacy Foundation is committed to working with others across all sectors. We seek to understand the root cause of the issues and help bring about whatever changes are necessary to change the trajectory of the health and well being of every person and neighborhood.