Housing Stability: Current Projects

  • Inland SoCal Housing Collective  


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Parkview Legacy Foundation partners with other regional leaders through the Inland SoCal Housing Collective in creating solutions that improve housing outcomes for renters, homebuyers, homeowners, and those experiencing homelessness through education, advocacy, access to resources, and the creation of pathways out of the housing inventory and affordability crisis.  We help provide leadership to the collective through its steering committee and several committees.  Learn more here: https://sites.google.com/view/ischcollective/home

  • 30-30-30
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Originally formed in partnership with the Center for Community Investment, Parkview Legacy Foundation provides facilitative and convening leadership on an effort to ensure 30% of Riverside‚Äôs Affordable Housing Needs at 30% of low- to moderate income levels by 2030.  This work is intended to integrate innovative solutions into a comprehensive model that can be included in city and county plans, implemented throughout our region, scaled, and duplicated elsewhere. Learn more here: https://303030.group/

  • Housing Policy Leadership Academy
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Parkview Legacy Foundation is partnering with the Southern CA Association of Governments, Global Policy Leadership Academy, and 39 local leaders as part of the Riverside County Housing Policy Leadership Academy.  We are actively deepening our knowledge and thinking creatively about possible solutions we will advance to address the housing availability and affordability crisis. 

Learn more here: https://scag.ca.gov/sites/main/files/file-attachments/scag-hpla-brochure-final.pdf

  • Housing Solutions Summit

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With the community access pass, Parkview Legacy Foundation has made 100 spots available for local partners to explore the treasure trove of creative housing solutions in the online Housing Solutions Summit Archives. 

Learn more here: https://housingsolutionsummit.com/

Our neighborhoods, businesses, schools, health systems, public, and safety resources are all being negatively affected by this trend. Even with the current growing economy, more and more of our region’s people are seeing declines in their health, well being, and opportunities for a better future. Though many successful efforts are in place that are making progress in our region toward ending individual homeless situations and providing support to struggling households, these emergency and relief efforts cannot keep up with the pace of the growing problem. This systemic problem needs to be addressed now.

The Parkview Legacy Foundation is committed to working with others across all sectors. We seek to understand the root cause of the issues and help bring about whatever changes are necessary to change the trajectory of the health and well being of every person and neighborhood.